Dr. Oliverio

Corporate Visual Identity for Dr. Oliverio, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic. Visible at: doctoroliverio.es.


Work method:
1- We talk to the client and define the objectives and criteria to be followed in a previous briefing.
2- We present to the client the logo design proposals previously agreed in the budget, following the criteria defined in the briefing, in this case, 4 logo proposals.
3- A complete brand identity strategy is developed, based on the logo proposal chosen by the client. The brand identity manual is built with its corresponding sections, previously agreed with the client. In this case, the manual includes: brand philosophy, logotype context, logotype construction, identity elements, variations, versions, corporate typographies, corporate colors, reserve area, reduction test, correct uses, incorrect uses, MoodBooard (brand inspiration board) and examples of applications and uses of the identity (fictitious).
4- Additional pieces are designed, contracted and previously agreed with the client, following the manual and strategies developed. In this case: business cards, horizontal and vertical envelopes, folder, letterhead and e-mail signature.
5- All the material and resources developed are delivered to the client:
– The brand identity manual, the MoodBoard (inspiration board) and the BrandBoard (brand summary) in PDF format.
– Folders with all the logos, with their corresponding versions and variations, in JPG, PNG, PDF and vector (AI and SVG) format, for the client’s convenience when using them. A version of the logo is also delivered for use in the web favicon.
– Corporate fonts are provided to the client.
– The pieces of stationery are delivered in final artwork format, ready to be sent to the printer.
– The designed email signature is delivered to the client, ready to be incorporated to their email accounts.


During the whole process of design and development of the brand, the client receives professional advice to solve any doubts that may arise in this regard. In the same way, any necessary issue is modified based on their requests for changes, at the appropriate times and agreed for that purpose.