Power Point Presentation Designer

I am a freelance PowerPoint presentation designer.


I studied design, specializing in graphics, at the Complutense University and I have worked as an art director and graphic designer for the last 6 years, both for different companies and marketing and advertising agencies, as well as freelance.


I have worked as a graphic designer for big companies such as Iberia, Agencia EFE, Carrefour… and many smaller clients or small and medium size companies such as maseuropa, Rinconcito Tap Station, Academia Peluquer√≠a Toledo…


Currently I do graphic design, logo design, web design, illustration and Power Point presentation design entirely on my own.

Portfolio – Power Point Presentation Designer


For confidentiality reasons, I’m not allowed to show the presentation design work I’ve done for different companies, since the layout information in those presentations is strictly confidential.


However, you can check the rest of my online portfolio here, to get an idea of the quality of my work.

Doubts when hiring a presentation


How are the presentations I design?
  • Presentations of high graphic and aesthetic quality, totally different from the Power Point presentations that we usually see in the market and that we know.
  • Editable presentations.
  • Projectable presentations.
  • Presentations adaptable to any change and flexible at all times.
  • With solid brand identities and coherent with the rest of your internal and external communication.
  • Oriented to your sector and to communicate to your target audience.
  • Presentations that differentiate you from the competition.
  • Designed to generate a great visual impact.
  • Better communicate your message and story to the audience.
  • Keep the audience’s attention.
  • Transmit emotions, so that they remember your brand (appeal).
  • Dynamic presentations, thanks to eye-catching designs and fresh animations.
  • Visualization of data and graphics in a clear and attractive way.
  • Designed to sell your projects.
  • Presentations to generate a feeling of communication and reinforce your brand image.
What presentation design services do I offer?
  • Design of Power Point presentations for companies and private clients.
  • Design of the brand identity associated with the presentation and other design elements.
  • Video and animated presentations.
  • Custom illustrations and iconographic families to include in presentations and other design elements.
  • Professional advice and audits for branding, design and creative direction.
  • For any other, please contact us.


If you are interested in any of these other services, please consult here:
Logo and Brand Identity Design.
Graphic and Editorial Design.
Web Design.

What are the advantages of delegating the design of your presentations?
  • You will gain time and you will be able to allocate those hours and energies that you previously invested in developing presentations to other more important work aspects, or even to free time.
  • The design and quality of the presentations obtained will be better, as they will be elaborated by a graphic design professional, which will give you other considerable advantages:
  • You will stand out from the competition with high quality presentations.
  • You will make your presentations shine both in front of the public and external clients, as well as your brand’s own team, streamlining and improving processes.
  • The presentations developed will follow the indications of your brand manual and the identity already developed or, in case you don’t have one, will create the guidelines to establish your brand image and a design pattern to follow in new future design elements. In other words, you will build or favor the development of a solid and consistent brand for the market in which you are framed and the target audience you are addressing.
  • You will make the information conveyed in the slides stand out, visualized and assimilated much better by clients and teams.
How do I work?
  • First we will make a written communication by email, or a call/videocall, if you prefer, so you can explain me briefly your project and order, and so I can get an idea of your needs.
  • I will send you by email an estimate adapted to your project and without any commitment on your part. If the price fits you, I will be happy to start working with you and carry out the project. If at this point you do not fit the budget sent, you can tell me with confidence and without any problem I will wish you the best for your business; or I will resolve any questions you may have about it. If I can’t develop your project myself at the moment, due to my schedule, I will recommend you other professional and specialized presentation designers you can trust, who will do the job just as well.
  • If the budget fits, I will work with you to develop your presentation(s) in the time frame we have established that you need. And I will be available to advise you on anything you want to know during the whole process.
    In order to develop your presentation I will only need the texts (you can send them in Word or whatever is more comfortable for you), your logo (preferably in vector format .AI, .SVG or similar), your brand manual (if any) and the description that you can find below with the details of the project: number of slides to design, deadline for the presentation, etc.
How much does it cost to design Power Point presentations?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the information, since it will depend on several factors:


  • Type of project (more technical, more free…).
  • Number of slides to design.
  • Type of presentation: animated or not.
  • Deadline for delivery.


However, you can consult me at: info@taniaizquierdo.com and I will give you a personalized and non-binding quote as soon as possible, so that you can evaluate it and let me know if you are still interested in working together.

What do I need to know to give you a quote?

Here are some tips to speed up this process so that you can receive a personalized quote as soon as possible. Try to indicate in your email when contacting the information you have on the following aspects. I recommend you to copy and paste this, and answer as much as possible. I will advise you on what you can’t or don’t know how to answer, without any problem.


– Description of your brand: what is your brand, what products/services do you offer, what is your target audience, what is your competition (to differentiate yourself/stand out from them).
– What is the presentation about (theme of the project to be presented).
– To whom the presentation is addressed: is it an internal presentation (for your team), external (for the final customer)…
– Number of slides to design.
– If you need fixed or animated slides.
– Indicative budget that you estimate to invest for this project. If you want, you can give me this information to try, as far as possible, to adapt the design proposal I send you (more or less complex and more or less developed) according to the budget you estimate to invest. Otherwise, I will tell you the budget myself.
– Deadline by which you need to have the project. This is necessary to be able to budget it, since I usually work with a waiting list. The most urgent projects (less than a week in advance) have a budget surcharge.
– Any other question you want to comment.
– Any reference of similar projects that you like and want to include to know better your tastes and preferences (links, images, attached documents…).
– If you have a logo, brand manual, other presentation designs to start from or improve in any way, please attach as much material as possible, as it will be necessary once we start working. In the case of the logo, it would be ideal to send it in vector format (SVG, AI or similar).


With this, I will be able to provide you with a budget adapted to your brand and project and without commitment on your part, so that you can evaluate it internally and let me know if you are still interested in working together.

Why choose me as your presentation designer?


Competitive Price

Within my possibilities, I try to offer competitive prices and personalized budgets, which are adapted to the needs of each project and client, to make it easier for small brands to get started.

Advice and Attention

At every stage of the project development, I will be available to answer any questions you may have, in a friendly way (as I am) and offering you a complete professional advice.

Satisfied Customers

But rather than me “selling myself”, I prefer to let clients who have worked with me before speak for me.



Recommendations from clients for whom I have worked as a presentation designer (or other services).

These opinions are publicly visible at my Linkedin profile.



Clients for whom I have worked as an employee or as a freelance designer of Power Point presentations (or other design projects).

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality issues I can’t show all the work I’ve done in my portfolio.



If you need a presentation designer, contact me without obligation through any of the following contact methods.


   Mail: info@taniaizquierdo.com

   Phone and WhatsApp: 623 179 061

  Prefer to schedule a meeting online? Do it here.

You can also connect with me through social networks.