I’m a Freelance Illustrator.


I’ve done commissions as an editorial illustrator, commercial, advertising, press… And I am passionate about my work. All techniques: digital illustrator, watercolor illustrator, etc…


I have worked as an illustrator for brands such as Luxenter, Casmara, maseuropa, Agua del Teleno… as well as many private clients.


Below you can find more information about my services and samples of work done as an illustrator.

Doubts when hiring an illustrator


How do I work?

  • First of all, contact me by email, so that we can have a written communication (or a telematic meeting, via phone call/video call if you prefer), where you can tell me about your project and the requirements for your assignment. This way, I will be able to give you a quote tailored to your needs.
  • Usually, you will receive the customized quote in your email within 2 working days. Of course, this quotation will be without commitment to continue with the order on your part. If the price does not match what you are looking for, I will send you my best wishes for the future of your project. In the quotation will be indicated all the conditions of the order.
  • If the investment fits your budget, we will work together to create the illustrations according to the style that best fits your needs and those of your brand. At all times, I will be available to advise you and answer any questions you may have during the process.
  • Normally I will send you a pencil sketch before I start working on the final illustration, so that you can indicate any changes you consider necessary.
  • Once the sketch is approved, I will start working on the final illustration in the chosen medium (digital, traditional or vector).
  • Once it is finished, I will send you the final digital file. If at this point you need to finalize any change, we can also evaluate it according to the conditions established in the budget for each type of assignment.

What services do I offer as an illustrator?

  • Illustrations for print media: editorial illustration for children, teenagers and adults, both prose and lyric, illustration for press, magazines, etc.
  • Illustrations for digital media: social networks, web pages, digital magazines, advertising, etc.
  • Illustrations for brands: logos, commercial illustration, iconographic families…
  • Textile illustration: prints, etc.
  • Illustration for spaces: posters, signage, museography…
  • Illustrator by the hour for brand promotional events (illustrating live): product launches, brand anniversaries, on-the-spot packaging customization, etc.
  • Talks and workshops on children’s and adult illustration, editorial illustration, botanical illustration, watercolor… (adapted according to the audience and subject matter).
  • Animated illustrations and Motion Graphics.
  • Advice and audits for brands, design and creative direction.
  • Techniques used: vector, digital and traditional (watercolor, markers, colored pencils, collage, mix media…).
  • Any other service: please contact us.


Check the information here if your assignment is more related to logo design, graphic design, web design or presentation design.

What will it cost?

The cost will be detailed in the adapted budget that I will send you, once you describe me your needs. It will mainly depend on the following issues:

  • The number of illustrations you need.
  • The type of illustration you require (digital, traditional or vector). Of course, if you don’t know what kind of style fits best for your project, I will advise you to solve it together. Anyway, I’ll summarize quickly: A traditional illustration is one made with traditional techniques (such as watercolor). It usually has a higher cost because it requires more time and the presence of originals (which usually remain in the illustrator’s possession). It is also a bit more complicated to make changes on traditional illustrations. However, it has an added value for its technique and final aesthetics, so it can be ideal for some more personal or creative projects. A digital illustration is one made with digital media and programs (using a graphic tablet, for example). A vector illustration is one made with vector drawing programs (this means that the illustration is formed by vectors and, therefore, it can be enlarged and used at the size we want, and will never be pixelated or reduce its quality). Normally, vector illustration is composed of color planes (you can look for examples of vector illustration to see it more clearly).
  • The style of the illustrations (realism, comic, children, cartoon…), if it is in black and white or color and the complexity of the illustrations. For this point, you can send me reference images of the style of illustrations you like or, if you are not sure, I will make you a proposal (sketch) according to your business and target audience so you can evaluate if you fit the suggested style.
  • The type of assignment and contract you need for the use of the illustrations. If you don’t have much idea about rights, I will briefly summarize this point so you can understand it a little better. The ownership of the illustrations always belongs to the illustrator (creator) and this is something that can never be assigned by law. However, the rights of use are assigned so that the client can use the illustrations in certain media (for example, a book) and for certain purposes (for example, commercially). This type of assignment may be exclusive (only the customer may use the illustrations for commercial purposes) or non-exclusive (the author may also assign the rights of use to other customers). Depending on the type of assignment required, the number of media in which the illustration(s) will be applied, the countries where it will be distributed and the time it is considered appropriate for the assignment to last, will be one of the determining sources for stipulating the cost of the investment for each project. Also, some projects carry royalties (percentage of sales for the illustrator) and others do not, which is another important contractual factor. In any case, do not worry about this issue, since I will advise you at all times for the type of assignment that each project requires and, of course, I will provide you with all the facilities I can so that you can bring your project to completion.

What use will I be able to make of the commissioned illustrations?

This will depend on the type of assignment you need (commercial, editorial, etc) and the contract we sign. Once we meet or talk about the project, I will consult you all the details in order to evaluate the budget that covers your usage needs. In the personalized budget (and without obligation) that I will send you, all the details will be reflected. Besides, of course, I will inform you about it and I will be there to solve any doubt you may have about it. Whenever possible and especially in large projects, we will sign a contract between the two parties, where all the details of the assignment are reflected and the points to be taken into account are detailed.

In any case, do not worry about this issue, as I will be there to advise you at all times and to make it possible that the conditions are viable and adapted to the needs of each client and project, and profitable for both parties. In the same way, you will be able to ask me any doubt with confidence during the process.

What do I need to know in order to give you a quote?

Here are some tips to speed up this process so that you can receive a personalized quote as soon as possible. Try to indicate in your email when contacting the information you have on the following aspects. I recommend you to copy and paste this, and answer as much as possible. I will advise you on what you can’t or don’t know how to answer, without any problem.

– Type of project.
– Number of illustrations.
– Objective of the illustrations.
– Thematic of the illustrations.
– Technique of the illustrations, if there is any requirement, you can always leave it to my criteria and choice.
– Style of the illustrations, if there is any requirement, you can always leave it to my criteria and choice.
– Use and distribution of the illustrations.
– Indicative budget that you consider to invest in design/illustration for this project.
– Deadline by which you need to have the illustrations finished. Knowing the deadlines is fundamental to be able to budget a project, since we usually work with a waiting list. Understand that for urgent projects, there would be a budget surcharge in relation to the urgency.
– Type of assignment you are looking for, if you knew. If not, I would advise you on that.
– Any other comments you feel appropriate about the project.
– Any reference you like and wish to attach to better understand your tastes and preferences.

Why choose me as an illustrator?


Competitive Price

As an entrepreneur, I am aware of how difficult it is to invest in the beginning of most projects. That’s why I try to make it easy for small brands and offer competitive prices; within my possibilities.

Customized Quotation

I always send personalized quotations, adapted to each particular order. In this way, the client only invests for what he really needs; and all the characteristics of each order and each brand are taken into account.

Multiple Styles

I adapt the style to each project to fit the particular characteristics of each brand. Thus, according to the client’s requirements and tastes, as well as the needs of the brand, I use digital, traditional or vector illustration, as well as different techniques and styles that fit with the identity of each business.

Long-Term Relationship

My priority is that the client is happy with the result, continue to count on me in future orders and recommend my service to others. That is why, whenever a client returns, I take into account the previous investment he has already made to try to offer him adjusted prices, within my possibilities.

Advice and Attention

During the whole process I will be attentive to resolve any doubts and concerns that may arise regarding the assignment. I will follow the growth of your project with affection to offer you any advice that may be of interest. I become a brand ambassador for all my clients; getting involved in their projects.

Satisfied Customers

However, instead of me explaining why you should choose me as an illustrator for your work, it is better that you see for yourself through the opinions of clients who have previously worked with me and recommend my services.



Recommendations of clients for whom I have worked as a freelance illustrator.

These opinions are publicly visible at my Linkedin profile.



Below you can see a list of some of the clients I have worked for as a freelance illustrator (or other projects).

Due to confidentiality issues with some brands, I can only show a part of the work done in my portfolio.



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